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Official trailer for “Summer is but a Season Passed” written and directed by JR VISION, and starring Michael DeBartolo and Christopher Poeschl!

First Trailer for “Cat On the Matt” starring Laura Hooper and Stuart Williams! Directed by J.R Reid and written by Laura Hooper.

An exclusive first look at JR VISION PRODUCTIONS’ “Cat On the Matt” written and starring Laura Hooper of the underground one woman show sensation “Crumble”!

Another full scene promo from “The Grass Is Always Green: Pilot” finds Keiren, (Alexandra Hellquist of Hulu’s popular webseries “Shinobi Girl”) confronting her live in lover, Miko, (Philp Lakin).

Exclusive clip from “The Grass Is Always Green: Pilot”!

This new clip finds our protagonist, Ezra, on the verge of renting the ideal room in Bushwick that will help him find some peace, with a slight catch …

This is a teaser trailer for CRUMBLE starring my friends Laura Hooper and Mark O’Neil! I loved working with them because they are enormously talented and hilarious! I can’t wait to start editing the actual film version of the play I shot! Their work is getting stellar reviews and the recognition it deserves!

For more on CRUMBLE check out …


This is the trailer for the first installment of the J.R VISION: SHORTS collection starring Natalie Kropf and Tommy Biggiani!!

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